List of accepted papers

1. High-Accuracy Positioning System based on ToA for Industrial Wireless LAN

Thi Thao Nguyen, Khairunisa Ahmad Denney, Ohhara Syuhei, Yuhei Nagao, Masayuki Kurosaki, Hiroshi Ochi


2. An AF Performance Analysis in the energy harvesting Relaying Network

Cuu Ho Van, Nhu Nguyen Hong, Long Nguyen Ngoc, Nguyen Thi Phuong Loan, Tam Nguyen Kieu, Miroslav Voznak.


3. Improving the secrecy of cooperative transmissions using unshared jamming

Pham Ngoc Son, Van Phu Tuan, Park Sol, Le Thi Anh, Hyung Yun Kong


4. Performance of a Phase Estimation Method under Different Nonlinearities Incurred by High Power Amplifiers in MIMO-STBC Systems.

Thanh Nguyen, Tat-Nam Nguyen, Quoc-Binh Nguyen.


5. A Simple Method for Anonymous Tag Cardinality Estimation in RFID Systems with False Detection

Chuyen T. Nguyen, Tuyen T. Hoang, Vu Xuan Phan


6. A new multi-proxy multi-signature scheme based on elliptic curve cryptography

Dang Minh Tuan, Nguyen Anh Viet


7. Identification of Paths and Parameters in RESTful URLs for the Detection of Web Attacks

Duc Pham Minh, Tuan Ly Van, Thanh Le Dinh


8. Intelligent Environment Management System for Controlled Horticulture

Meonghun Lee, Haengkon Kim, Hyun Yoe


9. HAP-based FSO System using All-Optical Detect-Amplify-and-Forward Relaying and Coherent Detection Receiver

Minh Vu, Nga Nguyen Thi Thu, Binh Minh Vu, Hang Phan, Hien Pham, Ngoc Dang


10. A New Windowed Graph Fourier Transform

Le Trung Thanh, Nguyen Linh Trung, Viet Dung Nguyen, Karim Abed Meraim


11. HA-IDS: A Heterogeneous Anomaly-based Intrusion Detection System

Chau Tran, Tran Nguyen Vo, Tran Thinh


12. Pilot-based Reference Amplitude Compensation for Ultra-multi-level PAM-SSB-DFTs-OFDM

Tomoya Suzuki, Hirokazu Fusayasu, Masahiro Umehira, Shigeki Takeda, Xiaoyan Wang


13. A Comparison for Improving The Performance of Two-Stage Optical Phase Conjugation Using The Third-Order Nonlinearity

Binh Tran, Nhan Nguyen, Ngo Thi Thu Trang.


14. Jamming Signal and Primary Interference in Spectrum Sharing Environment: Performance Analysis

Khuong Ho Van, Khiem Do Dac, Ngoc Pham Thi Dan, Phong Nguyen Huu, Tuan Nguyen Thanh, Pham Ngoc Son, Son Vo, Lien Phan Hong.


15. Impact of Timing Mismatch in Multicarrier Spectral-Slicing Transmission System Using Single Coherent Receiver

Van Dien Nguyen, Son Thai Le, Cao Dung Truong, Tuan Nguyen Van, Hung Nguyen


16. A Duplicated Network Structure to Ensure the Reliability of an LTE-based Train Control System

Nguyen Dinh Han


17. A Compact Triplexer Based on Cascaded Three Tilted MMI Couplers Using Silicon Waveguides

Cao Dung Truong, Hung Nguyen


18. Toward Service Placement on Fog Computing Landscape

Quang Tran Minh, Duy Tai Nguyen, An Van Le, Hai Duc Nguyen, Anh Truong


19. Channel Reallocation for Reducing Power Consumption in Femtocell Mobile Networks

Nam Hoang Nguyen, Bac Nguyen, Takahiko Saba


20. An Adaptive Streaming Method of 360 Videos over HTTP/2 Protocol

Minh Nguyen, Dang Nguyen, Cuong Pham, Pham Nam, Duc V. Nguyen, Truong Cong Thang


21. Similarity Measures for Intuitionistic Linguistic Numbers, Intuitionistic Linguistic Vectors and Application

Vu Hue, Pham Hong Phong


22. Anomaly Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks via Support Vector Data Description with Mahalanobis Kernels and Discriminative Adjustment

Van Vuong Trinh, Kim Phuc Tran, Tuan Mai Anh


23. APP-RB: an efficient method for biological network querying based on rebuild procedure

Ngoc Anh Vu, Vuong Nguyen, Hai Dang Thanh, Dong Do Duc 


24. Domain Adaptation for Neural Network Language Generation in Dialogue

Khanh Van Tran, Minh Le Nguyen


25. RBF Models with Shallow and Deep Feature for Skeleton-based Human Gesture Recognition

Nguyen Hai, Thang Pham, Dung Duc Nguyen


 26. Enhancing Threshold-Raising Strategies for Effective Mining Top-k High Utility Patterns

Bac Le, Cao Truong, Minh Thai Tran


27. A Robust Random Forest-based Tri-Training Algorithm for Early In-trouble Student Prediction

Chau Vo, Phung Nguyen


28. A New method for Displayed Mathematical Expression Detection Based on FFT and SVM

Bui Hai Phong, Thang Manh Hoang, Thi Lan Le


29. Gender classification by LPQ features from intensity and Monogenic images

Huu Tuan Nguyen, Ngoc Huong Trinh


30. An Energy-Efficient Smart Monitoring System Using ZigBee Wireless Sensor Network

Van Lan Dao, Xuan Thiep Nguyen, Van Phuc Hoang


31. An Efficient Runtime Adaptable Floating-Point Gaussian Filtering Core

Cuong Pham Quoc, Tran Thinh


32. RTL Design of a Dynamically Reconfigurable Cell Array for Multimedia Processing

Hung Nguyen, Minh Phan


33. Short-term prediction of energy consumption of air conditioners based on weather forecast

Hoai Son Nguyen, Yoshiki Makino, Yuto Lim, Yasuo Tan


34. Accurate and Low Complex Cell Histogram Generation By Bypass The Gradient of Pixel Computation

Huy Hung Ho, Ngoc Sinh Nguyen, Duy Hieu Bui, Xuan Tu Tran


35. Link Prediction in Weighted Network based on Reliable Routes by Machine Learning Approach

Dung Hua, Anh Thu Nguyen Thi, Tu Anh Nguyen Hoang


36. Random walk with restart: A powerful network propagation algorithm in Bioinformatics field

Duc Hau Le


37. Building minimum recombination ancestral recombination graphs for whole genomes

Thao Nguyen, Sy Vinh Le


38. Deep Neural Network Accelerator based on FPGA

Thang Viet Huynh


39. Co-Reference Resolution in Graph Model for Enhancing Vietnamese Paragraph Compression

Trung Tran, Dang Tuan Nguyen


40. A Robust Geometric Model of Road Extraction Method for Intelligent Traffic System

Van Tuyen Dinh, Hoang Hon Trinh


41. VNU-SMM: A Social Media Monitoring Framework on Vietnamese Online News

Duc Nguyen, Duc M. Nguyen, Vu Tran, Phan Xuan Hieu, Pham Son


42. Picture fuzzy rough sets: Some new basic propositions

Bui Cong Cuong, Hung Le, Pham Van Chien

43. Certificateless Public Key Encryption Made Practical 

Cuong Trinh


44. Resource Allocation with Multi-Unit Items: Representation and Computational Results

Trung Thanh Nguyen, Khuong Nguyen, Nguyen Le

45. Distributed Redundant Image Storages and Reconstruction Algorithm to Contents Verification

 Ta Minh Thanh

46. A Comparative Survey of 3D GIS Models

 Tuan Anh Nguyen Gia, Minh Son Dao, Cuong Mai Van

47. Solving the staff rescheduling problem in Lai Chau hydropower station

Thuy Do, Hoang Giang Pham, Xuan Khoi Tran, Minh Hoang Ha, Bach Do Viet

48 Multilinear Mappings Based on Weil Pairing over Elliptic Curves

Binh Nguyen, My Huynh Tran Thi

49. Automatic dragon fruit counting on the tree using adaptive thresholds for image segmentation and shape analysis

Chi Cuong Tran, Dinh Tu Nguyen, Hoang Dang Le, Quoc Dinh Truong, Quoc Bao Truong

50. A Robust Random Forest-based Event-B model Automated testing reactive systems from Event-B model 

 Dieu Huong Vu, Hoang Truong, Yuki Chiba, Toshiaki Aoki

51. An Evaluation on the Effective Processing Time of Raspberry Pi-3B-based Embedded System for Determining Forged Images

Thuong Le Tien, Tu Huynh Kha, Tuan Thanh Nguyen, Thinh Pham, Tin Nguyen

52. Enhancing the Performance of Android Applications on Multi-core Processors by Selecting Parallel Configurations for Source Codes

Huong Pham, Phuc Bui Huu

53. A k-Nearest Neighbors Approach for COCOMO Calibration

 Phu Le, Vu Nguyen

54. A Formal Contract-based Model for Component-based Real-time Systems

 Dong Trinh Nguyen, Hung Dang, Hoang Truong

55. Joint Exploration Model based Light Field Image Coding: A Comparative Study

Huy Phi, Xiem Hoang Van

56. HEVC based distributed scalable video coding for surveillance visual system

Xiem Hoang Van, Le Dao Thi Hue, Dinh Trieu Duong

57. An optimized hardware design of Integer Motion Estimation HEVC for encoding 8K Video

Nguyen Thang, Tung Vu, Hoan Nguyen

58. Mobile Devices Pixel Density and Video Quality

Is-Haka Mkwawa, Abubakr Almnsi

59. A Robust Hybrid Watermarking Scheme Based on DCT and SVD for Copyright Protection of Stereo Images

 Hung Vo

60. Adaptive steganography technique to secure patient confidential information using ECG signal

Liem Dao, Thy Nguyen, Tu Huynh




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